Sepa island resort the Paradise island in Thousand Island Jakarta

Sepa island resort

Sepa Island resort the Paradise Island resort in Pulau Seribu Jakarta, Indonesia >> In the bright morning boat’s passengers had gathered at the pier # 19 Marina Ancol Jakarta to boarding the boat  towards to Sepa Island resort in Thousand Island Jakarta tourist area, It seems joy in their faces like the weather in the morning in Ancol Jakarta. Officers and crew of passenger boat its look busy to register and loading the goods.  Some long boat with a capacity of about 50 seater  with 250 HP Yamaha outboard engines to the island.

When all ready, heard roaring engines and the crew boat  began to release the rope from the pier, the sound of laughter and fun is still audible with the engine sound. Boat began slide slowly towards the sea on the bay of Jakarta.

Marina docks just pass away,  the Captain began to raise up the gas lever to a higher RPM, and the boat  began to split the seawater seemed line of white water causing in the back of the boat. faster and faster.

The air was still warm and friendly, the wind fresh feel in the skin, small fish appear to swim and jump around the boat,  fishermen on boat looking ready for work,  The beautiful morning atmosphere  feel in Jakarta bay.

90 minutes  passed, the ship began to enter the area Sepa island, the island appears – a beautiful island. Sepa Island is an island which is managed by PT. Sepa Paradise,  this island featuring cottage accommodation with a total 38 units, consisting of type Gurita, Flipper, Kakap and Penyu.  All the cottage facilitated and amenities with air-conditioning, television, twin / double bed, and terrace.

The Sepa Hotel island also offers a variety of sea sports tourism such as jetski, benana boating, canoeing, snorkeling, diving, water bee, fishing boats etc. , for diving only for diving lincense holder allowed

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