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dermaga pulau putri at pulau seribu jakartaPULAU SERIBU [Thousand Island] AT GLANCE

Pulau seribu or Thousand Island is located around 45 km north of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia has a value conservation and unique ecosystem. with total Kepulauan Seribu are about 1.180,80 hectares or 11.80 km square. 15.600 populations, consist of 105 islands scattered at 4 districts. The main activities of resident of Kepulauan Seribu are fisherman.


Pulau Seribu is very potential to be developed for tourism destination especially for Jakartans for escape from the busiest Jakarta, Meeting, Recreation and Sea sport such as fishing, recreation, Scuba Diving, Sailing, The location is very near from Indonesia capital and the market its so quite still good enough. because of for sea basis tourims destination in Jakarta not many. Some island at Pulau Seribu is potential to developed and for tourism such as:

This location is easy to reach from Jakarta, especially from Ancol Dreamland. Some residential island today is developed for Conservation Tour such as at Pulau Pramuka, the program conservation was packaging in one unique package and suitable for student and group who will study about conservation; coral reef transplantation, mangrove, turtle etc

Available Pulau seribu island resort:

We offer vacation to Pulau Seribu island resort with discount package’s rate for  all destination resorts in Pulau Seribu jakarta

  1. Ayer island resort
  2. Bidadari island resort
  3. Pelangi island resort
  4. Putri island resort
  5. Sepa island resort
  6. Alam Kotok Island resort
  7. Pantara island resort
pulau Bidadari island resort

Pulau Ayer island resort Pulau Ayer island resort

Pulau sepa island resort

pulau sepa island resort

pulau putri island resort

pulau putri island resort

pulau pelangi island resort

pulau pelangi island resort

pulau pantara island resort

pulau pantara island resort

Pulau Seribu Jakarta Boat Rental

Available various a boat for rental and also ferry transportation

boat rental and transportation Pulau seribu Island Resort

Boat rental & transportation

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